Hello World: Package and Brand Your App


In this blog you’ll package the created Hello world App so you can distribute it on the AppExchange. A package is simply a container for components,in this case it’s your app, tab, and page. 

1. In the sidebar menu, click Create > Packages, and then click New.

2. In the Package Name field enter Hello World and then click Save.

3. On the Package Detail page click Add Components.

4. Select your Hello World app and then click Add to Package.

5. Click Branding.

6. On the Package Branding detail page, click Edit.

7. Select Enable to use your own branding.

8. Enter information about your company in the fields provided.

9. Click Save to preview the branded emails.

Assign a Namespace

1. In the sidebar menu, click Create > Packages.

2. In the Developer Settings list, click Edit and on the following page click Continue.

3. In the Namespace Prefix field, enter a 1-15 character alphanumeric ID and then click Check Availability. Repeat this step until you have a unique namespace.

4. In the Package to be managed field choose your Hello World package and then click Review Your Selections.

5. Review the information on the page and then click Save.

Upload a Beta

Before you upload a production version of your app, it’s a common practice to upload a beta version for testing.

1. In the sidebar menu, click Create > Packages.

2. On the Packages page, click your Hello World package and then click Upload.

3. On the Upload Package page, enter a version name and number.

4. For the Release Type, make sure to choose Managed — Beta.

5. Scroll to the bottom and click Upload. It may take a moment for the upload to complete.

Wowww. Congratulations, you’ve uploaded an app to the AppExchange!

Your app isn’t available to the public, but you can access it

through an install link.

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