Hello World: Build a saleforce app in five minutes


Salesforce.com is all about CRM. It’s a site that’s built for Customer Relationship Management, this basically means they give you a resource to keep a firm base of communication and knowledge with your customers that will help you succeed as well as gain new customers. It is a program and part of a business plan to help you gain knowledge about your customers and their behaviors and needs that you can help provide to get a stronger base for your company. It gives you a great advantage over those companies and businesses that choose not to focus on CRM and do not keep a tab on customers and what it will take to draw in new ones. Salesforce is a technology that is basically a cloud computing platform that will help you with your CRM and budget everything to make your business as successful as it can possibly be! 

Create an App in Salesforce

In this step you’re going to create an app that contains a page, and a tab to display the page.
1. In your browser, log into salesforce developer edition
2. Click Your Name > Setup in the upper right corner, and then click Develop > Pages in the sidebar menu.
3. In the Visualforce list, click New.
4. In the Label field enter Greeting.
5. In the Visualforce Markup area, replace the contents of the <h1> tag with Hello World.
6. Click Save.
7. In the sidebar menu, click Create > Tabs.
8. In the Visualforce Tabs list, click New.
9. In the New Visualforce Tab wizard, click the drop-down box and select the Hello World page you just created.
10. For the Tab Label, enter Hello.
11. Click the Tab Style field and choose any icon to represent your tab.
12. Click Next, then Next again, and Save on the final page.

Now you’ll create a new app that contains your tab and page.
1. In the sidebar menu, click Create > Apps.
2. Click New.
3. In the App Label field enter Hello World and then click Next and Next again on the following page.
4. On the Choose the Tabs page, scroll to the bottom of the Available Tabs list, find your Hello tab, and add it to the Selected
Tabs list. Click Next.
5. Select the Visible checkbox to make this app visible to all profiles and then click Save.

Happy Coding……

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